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Coastal Lease vs. Buy FAQ


It's a great question where there is no real "right" or "wrong" answer.  Determining whether you should lease or buy a new VW depends on your own individual situation and ownership intentions. We're focused on not only helping you find the new VW you want without any hassle or pressure, but we're also committed to assisting those who are debating the question, "Should I buy or lease my next

Should You Buy or Lease Your Next VW?

When it comes to finding your new VW here at our Hanover, MA dealership, you certainly have plenty of options. That not only goes from choosing which specific model you decide on, but also how you'll end up paying for it. There's always been a debate between those who prefer leasing to buying, and at our dealership serving the Boston, South Shore, Braintree, Plymouth, Hingham and Quincy areas, we're here to help you make the best choice.

Choosing to lease or buy is a truly personal decision, and one that reflects what works best for you. For your unique transportation needs, budget and lifestyle, we can help you decide which kind of auto transaction makes the most sense for you. No matter which direction you go in, you can shop with the confidence that we'll work to find you the best deal on the car that not only makes sense for your needs, but gives you plenty of excitement to be out on the road. Get per-approved for financing right now on our site and get one step closer to your dream car!

Benefits of Buying at Coastal VW

Buying a new VW will mean higher monthly payments initially, but you'll also be striving toward complete ownership of your car while building up some trade-in or resale value, also known as equity. And eventually you'll pay off your loan and you'll have a long-lasting and reliable VW to use for any kind of travel without any payments left over. Buying is usually the better option for someone who drives more miles in a given year and for drivers who like customizing their ride with the many available add-ons and accessories you can outfit your very own VW with. And by buying your next VW, you mitigate any risks of paying extra on lease-end deals like over-mileage and expensive repairs and detailing work your car might one day require.

Benefits of Leasing at Coastal VW

On the other hand, leasing is a great way to take a brand-new VW home at a reduced monthly rate, while only being committed to that model for two or three years. Being able to afford a lease on the most recent VW means you'll enjoy all the updated tech and safety features, as well as a car that's under the best warranty agreements. That means you won't be paying for regular service or maintenance, and you really won't have to worry about the intricacies of building ownership equity. For people with a stable and predictable commuting lifestyle who want a reduced monthly rate on their next ride, leasing is the clear choice.

We Finance Your Future, Not Your Past.

Concerned about your credit score and history? Don't be. We're able to provide financing and leasing options to nearly everyone regardless of the credit and financial situation.